Social Events

The Club continues with a programme of social events and committee and other meetings, even with almost all members now aged over 70, so there are still many opportunities for old boys to get together at different times during the year.  The talk is generally of retirement homes, pensions, arthritis and the good old days when beer was 1d a pint.

We hope to maintain numbers at the various events for a good long time to come and will be pleased to see those of you who may not have participated in the past.  You are assured of a warm welcome.

15 Dec 2016 Oxford Dinner St Edmund's Hall
9 Feb 2017 Committee Meeting Mercers' Hall
15 Mar 2017 Annual Luncheon Mercers' Hall
11 May 2017 Committee Meeting Mercers' Hall
9 Jun 2017 President's Reception Barnard's Inn
18 Jul 2017 Committee Dinner National Liberal Club
7 Sep 2017 Committee Meeting Mercers' Hall
22 - 24 Sep 2017 Weekend away To be confirmed
27 Oct 2017 AGM Barnard's Inn
16 Nov 2017 Committee Meeting Mercers' Hall
14 Dec 2017 Oxford Dinner To be confirmed


There are also occasional additional events, such as this second visit to Ypres.

The special occasion of the Celebration Lunch 2012.