The Old Mercers’ Benevolent Fund

The Old Mercers’ Benevolent Fund was established in 1932 as the Old Mercers’ Endowment Fund.   In 1980 the name was changed to the Old Mercers’ Benevolent Fund by a Declaration of Trust, and under this trust its activities are defined as ‘The relief and assistance of such persons as the Trustees shall in their absolute discretion select who have been pupils or masters at Mercers’ School or are wives widows children and other dependants of such persons, and who are in necessitous circumstances and in need of charitable relief.’   There are six Trustees:

R J C Davey (Chairman)
B W Collins
R J G Dyson (Secretary & Treasurer)
J Gransbury
G C E Snowling

The Trustees meet at least once a year when matters of benevolence are discussed.   Where necessary, Trustees will communicate by other means if urgent matters need to be resolved.

The fund’s resources are not enormous but they do allow modest financial support to be given in cases of need.   Indeed, the Trustees are of the view that Old Mercers and their dependants are reluctant to come forward and seek assistance even in cases of severe hardship.   The Trustees would welcome more Old Mercers and their dependants seeking support or advice.   They would also welcome communication from those who believe they know of other Old Mercers or dependants who are in need.   All such enquiries are dealt with in confidence and should be addressed to the Secretary at

Charity registration number 280208.  Further information is available at The Charity Commission.

Download the Trust deed here.