Privacy Notice

The Old Mercers’ Club is required by General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (hereafter called ’The Regulation’) to set out the Club’s Privacy Policy concerning the information that it holds on the members of the Club.

The information held consists of personal details – title, names, address, years at Mercers’ School, telephone number and email address.    The information has been collated from the voluntary returns made by each individual member and the annual School Lists which set out the years of attendance.

Under ‘The Regulation’, the Old Mercers’ Club is both the Controller and Processor of the information.  Within the Club, the Controller of the information is the Club President, and the Information Processor and Data Protection Officer is the Records Secretary, as shown under ‘COMMITTEE’ on the Club web site.

The information is used solely to communicate with the members, to provide information on the Club’s functions, activities and management.   The dates at school facilitate the grouping, where appropriate, of members who are of a similar age and who attended the School together. Such communication may be by email, post or the annual magazine.

With the exception below, the information will not be shared with any other individual or organisation nor used for any advertising or commercial purpose.

The exception is that, from time to time the Records Secretary receives requests from descendants researching family history or from Old Mercers’ trying to trace former colleagues.  In such the case the contact information will only be released with the express agreement of the member(s).

Any member has, at any time, the right to inspect his personal information held by the Club, amend it, or withdraw permission for the information to be retained.  Requests should be channelled through the Club Honorary Secretary at or by post to Pleroma, St John’s Road, New Romney, Kent, TN28 8EW, UK.

Now that the Club has closed, we cease to be governed by The Regulation, however, in the interests of Old Mercers who wish to remain in touch, certain Club officers (namely the Honorary Secretary, Social Secretary, Membership Secretary and Archivist) wish to maintain contact details.  Any member has the right, at any time, to amend his data or withdraw permission for it to be held.